Jul 5, 2010

Long Live Sweden!

At a closer look at these excentric sun glasses one can see the Swedish flag, the yellow cross surrounded by blue.
Well, my conclusion: the Swedish people are extremely nationalistic. This was one of the "myths" that I had heard before going to Sweden. It proved to be reality. Swedish people are very patriotic. Apart from the fact that they speak a lot about how wonderful their country is, or about how beautiful (debatable I would say) the Swedish blond girls are, their flag is hanged at the entrance of every house. Now it looks like that the place of the flag is on sun glasses as well.

But paradoxically, their national day is not a great celebration. There is a joke in Scandinavia that states the fact that Swedish people know better the national day of Norway (celebrated on the 17th of May as the day when Norway became independent from Sweden) than they own National day (6th of June).

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