Feb 26, 2010

Sweden Has Its Own Snow Mountains

As high as the first floor

Snow is melting on the streets... finally

Swedish Beer

Heineken, among the very few international brands you can find in supermarkets
National beer

Their pride- Falcon beer

As you cand see, low degree of alcohol, like all beers in here

Interesting bottle, interesting taste

Now Dianora is probably a more cultivated person since I let her know what kinds of beer Swedish people drink.
This post is for The Ungureanus:))

My School

Mälardalen Högskola, my school for another 3 months and a half
Grupprum, always busy, very hard to find an empty one in the afternoon

We usually study in here

The University Map, very useful especially fost those unable to make the difference left-right

These relaxing corners are all over the university, for students to study, work in groups, talk or just enjoy their morning coffe

Mälardalen Universitet

Hus T
A Lighty Corridor

A Staggering Stair

Another Modern Hall


Feb 18, 2010

12 or 92 or Both? Vuxen eller Barn?

This is a machine from which you can buy bus tickets in Sweden. You either put the coins and then choose the ticket ( 22 Kronor if you are vuxen- adult or 11 if you are ung- child) or you use your credit card. For me the second did not work all the time. Romaian cards do not get along well with Swedish machines:)) and for ths reason I received twice bussbiljeter from 2 nice ladies.
You probably guess that I am supposed to buy the vuxen ticket, but considering my childish face, I always use the barn one:P and everything is fine.
But the really weird thing comes now: on the very same route, during the day I use the buss 12 and during the night I use buss 92:))))

Feb 15, 2010

Iarna lui Rodi a Mea...

Pentru ca Rodi e MAMA mea...
Pentru ca o iubesc...

Pentru ca ea ma iubeste cel mai mult...

Pentru ca pe ea o iubesc cel mai mult...

Pentru ca... pentru ca e MAMA, pentru ca nu am nevoie de motive sa o iubesc si sa-mi fie dor, pentru ca e Rodi a mea, e mamis, doamna mami, e doamna pifisoara...
Pentru ca asa arata o iarna frumoasa, ca in povesti pentru Rodi a mea...
Te iubesc, mami si mi-e dor de mor...

Feb 14, 2010

Ge Kärlek! Ge Tulpaner! Or Lalele, Lalele, Frumoasele Mele Lalele…

It is Valentine's Day or Alla Hjärtans Dag or Ziua Indraostitilor or however else you want to call it. Usually, in Romania it is very popular among boys and men to offer to their special ones RED ROSES. But here in Sweden, things are a bit different. The most popular flowers in this "special" day are (preferably red) TULLIPS.

I will not wish you Happy Valentin's Day, since I do not believe in this celebration, but I will wish you "Happy Winter Sports Day!"

Feb 13, 2010

Din dor de SCUFAS a mea

Chiar daca imi spune ca nu are incredere in mine fiindca sunt iresponsabila si cu capul in nori si mereu pe graba si ca seman cu Dedu

Chiar daca imi spune ca am ochi numai pentru baietii cu ochi albastri si cu plete si o sa le fac un mare pocinog alor nostri

Chiar daca ma cicaleste zi si noapte

Chiar daca ma linguseste zicand ca o sa gatesc eu pentru copii ei

Chiar daca glumeste zicand ca o sa se faca ea proprietareasa pe averea bunicilor nostri (fermierita caut barbat)

Chiar daca ii zic ca e cam caţă si imi face capul mare

Chiar daca o dezamagesc si isi cam pierde increderea in mine

Chiar daca uit sa fac unele lucrui pe care i le promit, pentru ca deh, sunt hectica

Chiar daca ea acum mananca Sara+Ilie= Sarailie

Mi-e dor de mor de SCUFAS, adica de sora mea, de Irinuca mea…

Feb 9, 2010

The Summary of the Trip in Words

  • 12 happy people were supposed to leave from Vasteras to Mariehamn-Finland by ferry

  • 4 of us( the writer, Florian, Constance and Gleb) more " special" than the others got out of the Customs building to walk around Stockholm for 2 hours (when one of us, aka Florian was almost killed by snow) and could no longer get on the boat since we were not 23

  • we changed destination: Turku!

  • party on board: salami, chips, vodka, orange juice, salami, salami

  • hard to wake up in the morning for me and Florian, so the others went out the boat before us

  • we left the boat for 2 hours (this is how much we thought the beat would be in Turku) to take picures

  • we came back, no boat, nobody around and the answer of a smiling blonde lady: "You MISSED the ferry"....silence...."WHAT?"

  • extra money ant other (the third ) tickets to Stockholm and 11 hours to spend in Turku

  • low batery single phone

  • zombie breakfast

  • streets, shops, church, museum, restaurant, park, sledging, market, info center, river

  • back in harbour after 11 hours and at least 20 km of walk