Jul 5, 2010

Freedom for Iran!

During my last visit in Stockholm, on the 12th of June I was given the chance to see a protest of the Iranian people living in Sweden. They were protesting, as expected, against the harsh regime from Teheran. It was more than impressive: they were singing the anthem of their Green Revolution, holding the Iranian flag and revolutionary messages in their hands.

They all had tears in they eyes. I immediately thought about my Iranian friends. Melika was a bit afraid to go back home in Iran just because she had posted revolutionary messages on Facebook, Mahgol and Afshin missed their country, and Sahar could not return in Iran just because she wrote an article against women wearing veil, which would take her back to prison. I remembered that some collegues from my Swedish university, including my friends Clover and Constance went to Iran in May,a bit fearful that they might be accused of being spies.

I hope that soon enough my friends will no longer be afraid to go back home.

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