Aug 24, 2010

Din Culisele Admiteri Online 2010

Revenita pe meleaguri mioritice, mi-am reintrat in ritmul meu de voluntar voios si am coordonat unul din cele mai mari proiecte ASLS cu traditie-Admiterea Online 2010.

In articolul postat pe site-ul ASLS am scos la lumina cateva detalii din culise.

Jul 6, 2010

The first European Green Capital

Traditionally known as "The Venice of the North", in 2010 Stockholm added more fame to its name, by becoming the first European Green Capital.
  • 95% of the population living less than 300 metres from green areas
  • an innovative integrated waste system
  • a protection plan stating new standards to cleaner water
  • effective measures for reducing air pollution
  • all trains and inner city busses run on renewable fuel

Jul 5, 2010

Long Live Sweden!

At a closer look at these excentric sun glasses one can see the Swedish flag, the yellow cross surrounded by blue.
Well, my conclusion: the Swedish people are extremely nationalistic. This was one of the "myths" that I had heard before going to Sweden. It proved to be reality. Swedish people are very patriotic. Apart from the fact that they speak a lot about how wonderful their country is, or about how beautiful (debatable I would say) the Swedish blond girls are, their flag is hanged at the entrance of every house. Now it looks like that the place of the flag is on sun glasses as well.

But paradoxically, their national day is not a great celebration. There is a joke in Scandinavia that states the fact that Swedish people know better the national day of Norway (celebrated on the 17th of May as the day when Norway became independent from Sweden) than they own National day (6th of June).

Freedom for Iran!

During my last visit in Stockholm, on the 12th of June I was given the chance to see a protest of the Iranian people living in Sweden. They were protesting, as expected, against the harsh regime from Teheran. It was more than impressive: they were singing the anthem of their Green Revolution, holding the Iranian flag and revolutionary messages in their hands.

They all had tears in they eyes. I immediately thought about my Iranian friends. Melika was a bit afraid to go back home in Iran just because she had posted revolutionary messages on Facebook, Mahgol and Afshin missed their country, and Sahar could not return in Iran just because she wrote an article against women wearing veil, which would take her back to prison. I remembered that some collegues from my Swedish university, including my friends Clover and Constance went to Iran in May,a bit fearful that they might be accused of being spies.

I hope that soon enough my friends will no longer be afraid to go back home.

Jul 4, 2010

Stockholm Seen from Above

Stockholm is beautiful in every season. I used to hear his all the time during my staying in Sweden. I would complete that it is even more beautiful if seen from above.

There is a place in Stockholm called Katarinahissen that can be reached either by climbing a lot of old wooden stairs or by using the elevator. The last time I was in Stockholm, I used the stairs. A bit tiring, but worthy.

And so is how Stockholm looks like from above. Amazing!

The Show Must Go On! So Does the Drop!

I have ignored My Drop of Sweden lately. Well, I have to admit. I've been lazy. But that is not the main reason.

I left Sweden on the 12th of June, on a clowdy, but pleasant Saturday. I wondered around Stockholm for about 6 hours. I took a lot of pictures while my mind was rememorating the wonderful or less pleasant moments that I had gone through for the past five months. Therefore, I had plenty of things to write about and pictures to post.

But, when I arrived, I saved the pictures in my laptop, did not even look at them and decided to post them when I will miss Sweden too much. Well, that moment is here. I miss Sweden, but most of all, I miss the people I met there, those from whom I've learnt so many things and that became my friends without noticing when and how. But life goes on and the world is smaller than we think.

Therefore, even though I am no longer in Sweden, this blog will keep on existing (cause in the end I wll be back in Sweden). So here we go...

May 31, 2010

Svensk Musik...

11 12. I take one of the many breaks from studying today. Swedish music. My favorite Swedish songs. The order is random.
Thousands thanks to Sara for telling me about many of them.
Here we go... Enjoy!

Lars Winnerbäck...My favorite Swedish masculine voice... and I associate him with, probably, the one that has the smallest connection with Lars. I bet he does not even know about him. I cannot even remember when I made the connection...

Melissa Horn... I will always associate her with drawing for the simple reason that every time I went to the Scribling Society I could hear her singing slowly...

Joakim Thåström...A Swedish friend considers him the best Swedish voice. He is almost right...I see myself in the lyrics of this song...

Lisa Ekdahl... The first Swedish singer I listened to during Swedish classes in Romania. This song obsessed me for a long time. My room mates last year loved it, even if they had no idea what the lyrics expressed...

Kent...A successful Swedish band from Eskilstuna, the city I go to every week for my Literature courses. The members of the band were students of my Swedish University. My favorite Swedish band...

Thorleifs...According to Sara this is typical Swedish music for parties...

Ted Göderstad... Swedish girls love him... I see the entire Sweden in this song...and I imagine myself at the seaside...

Robert Broberg... His song reminds me of my wandering in the wonderful city of Stockholm...

Sommartider... I my opinion one of the most loved song by Swedish people... Just because they adore summer and the sun...

Kung för en dag... I will finish the list in a happy mood. This song makes me think of a Dutch friend. Long live Spotify. this song was in his Party Playlist. Indeed party!
Jag vill vara drottning i baren!

May 29, 2010

8 o'clock Evening Walk

During the winter I did not expect to see such a beautiful spring in Sweden. The mountains of snow prevented me from imagining everything green and colourful. But the miracle came and this is how Sweden looks like in may at 8 in the evening!

May 26, 2010

Countryside Tools ...

I used to see all these things when I was a child and I was spending my summer holidays in the countryside with my grandparents.

Now, years later, I came to Sweden and I see them again. Time flies and so does my mind... Back to the past...

Hen at the Museum

Since the day when we went to the museum it was raining heavily the only animals we could see were hen. So proud of themselves I would say!