Mar 28, 2010

Reclama e Mama Comertului!

No comment!

Are You Afraid?

This is painted on the window from a Swedish bar...

Sveriges Riksdag- The Swedish Parliament

Buddhists at Kungliga Slottet- The Swedish Royal Palace

Snow Drops in Sweden, 26 March 2010

Stockholm i Vatten...

Tyska Kyrkan i Stockholm

Svenska Blommor Affärer

Svenska Affärer- Mycket Guld och Blå...

Svenska Skyltfönster

The famous träskorna, red and white and the typical Dalarna Häst
So interbelic!
Winter Wool clothes

Vikingar, Trollar och Häxor...

Romania?Bucharest? Ciucas? NO! Sweden! Stockholm! Spendrups!

At the entrance of the subway station Gamla Stan, this man was happily enjoying the sun after a good Swedish beer.

For a few seconds I felt at home. No matter how sad that sounds, that man made me feel at home.

My conclusions:
  • drunk people like resting in the sun everywhere
  • they can be found everywhere, inclusively in the city center of the seventh most recommended city to live
  • never judge people at first sight: they can make you happy even if they do not seem to

Mar 27, 2010

Crowd in Sweden.Waw!

This is something that you do not see very often in Sweden. A lot of people in the same place! Another reason to love Stockholm!

Modern Stockholm

Sergels Torg

Swans in Stockholm...